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Medieval brooches, dress fittings, stock clasp

Medieval brooches, dress fittings, stock clasp

Date Added: 05 June 2017 Year: 1300 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2017_018 | Picture No: 13420

A Treasure Trove (TT/105/16) collection of medieval and later artefacts discovered by metal detecting from field north of Dornoch (NGR NH797903) . The assemblage of artefacts include medieval and post-medieval material. This material (both in type and date) compares well with previous finds from nearby fields and adds considerably to the same story of earlier batches now in both Dornoch and Inverness museums. Some of the medieval buckles and dress fittings are unusual finds for Scotland, Other items include brooches and strap fittings and a pommel from a 17th century Dutch knife (mirroring previous examples from the area) and domestic items such as pot mends. There is also a further example of a Georgian military find (in this case, a stock clasp) that can be paralleled by earlier finds and taken as a whole suggest training took place in the area during the Napoleonic Wars.

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