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Porch to St Finnbarr's Church. School Hill

Porch to St Finnbarr's Church. School Hill

Date Added: 15 May 2017 Year: 1990 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2017_012_11 | Picture No: 13262

Colour slide of the porch to St Finnbarr's Scottish Episcopal Church (Anglican Communion) on School Hill. The parish church dedicated to St. Bar originally stood to the east end of the burial ground of the present Cathedral and apparently served the town from at least 1223 until the early seventeenth century. About this time, the cathedral, which had been badly damaged by a gale in 1605 and fire in 1570, was partially restored to serve as the parish church and St About 1926 foundations at NH 7976 8969 uncovered by a gravedigger may have belonged to the tolbooth which stood near the site between 1730-1813, but are locally believed to have been those of the original church The current church stands at NH 7992 8975

Dimensions: Length 50 mm - Width 50 mm


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