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Pin head

Pin head

Date Added: 19 December 2014 Year: 1200 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2014_043_13 | Picture No: 12174

A pin head in the form of beads with the remnant of the pin attachment on the rear face. Part of an assemblage of metal detector finds from the area around Ospisdale. This group of medieval and later finds can be compared to the larger assemblage found several years ago around Dornoch as many of the objects are of the same type and age. [Grid Ref: NH 70650 88521]

Dimensions: Diameter 19 mm

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Not sure if you have the information for the pin head but have just found the initial report submitted by Dr. Fraser Hunter for the Treasure Trove Unit Edinburgh dated October 2013.

Artefact Type: Pin
Period/Culture: Iron Age
Date: 4th-5th Century
Copper alloy pinhead of late Iron age date.

Just to add there are a couple of examples of similar types of decorated beaded pins in the National Museum Scotland, one found at Traprain Law, East Lothian.

Comment left on 14 August 2016 at 14:49 by Peter Webber Many thanks for the information.
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