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Copper alloy annular brooch

Copper alloy annular brooch

Date Added: 19 December 2014 Year: 1200 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2014_043_02 | Picture No: 12163

A copper alloy annular brooch of medieval type decorated on the front with a series of triangles and engraving. This style of decoration is known from brooches in the Moray Firth and Easter Ross area and so this example well into this wider group. However the method of construction is highly unusual, and the brooch has been made by twisting and compressing a thin sheet around a larger core of metal. This highly unusual way of making brooches can be paralleled by a small group from the same area, and it is likely that it represents the output of a single workshop. Diameter 55mm [Grid Ref: NH71613 89298]

Dimensions: Diameter 55 mm


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