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No 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps

No 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps

Date Added: 14 May 2013 Year: 1943 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2005_056_04 | Picture No: 11640

A large monochrome photograph (c 30 inches wide) of "No 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps taken in Scotland in 1943". Possibly taken at Camore Wood.

[To provide a possible means of identifying individuals the photograph has been scanned in three sections. The right, centre and left, thirds can be viewed using the left facing arrow adjacent to the Cat No above.]

Dimensions: Length 750 mm - Width 170 mm

Groups: Canadian Forestry Corps

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This is NOT a composite of a set of three photographs. It is three partial scans of a very large photograph (almost 30 inches wide, while my scanner does 14 inches max.), the segments of which were then "stitched" together.

Comment left on 12 November 2013 at 00:47 by Sid Wood Yes, you are quite right. The museum catalogue description originally described the photograph as a 'Composite' because it had been scanned in three sections (I know because I did it myself!) The description has now been amended Administrator
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