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Treasure Trove objects from Dornoch N of Burghfield - Alloy Brooch

Treasure Trove objects from Dornoch N of Burghfield - Alloy Brooch

Date Added: 29 December 2012 Year: 1400 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2010_074_01 | Picture No: 11478

First of 7 Treasure Trove objects from Dornoch, north of Burghfield found by metal detection and acquired by the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. A fragment of a copper alloy annular brooch, comprising one quarter of the whole brooch and still retaining the pin. The brooch has been decorated by filing and cutting a cast blank and the face of the brooch has been rebated to show a series of regular rectangular panels with a decorative nicked edge. The rear of the brooch also has the nicked edge which suggests the brooch was intended to be reversible. The pin of the brooch is in 'Highland' style and the appearance of the pin shaft –a flat oval profile with swelling in the centre- is the same as the mid-15'h century Mull brooch or the late 15th century Kindrochit brooch. In this sense the brooch is an interesting example of a transitional style of brooch caught between the standard medieval European annular brooch and the indigenous Highland brooch of the 16th and 17th centuries. © Inverness Museum Inverness Museum Catalogue 2006.005.001

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Groups: Dornoch Finds and Treasure Trove


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