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Bantam coffee container label details

Bantam coffee container label details

Date Added: 28 September 2012 Year: 1930 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2001_291_02 | Picture No: 11274

Detail of the Bantam Coffee product and Directions for use printed around the label: "BANTAM COFFEE is sold in the following sizes - 1-lb tins; 1/2 -lb tins; 2 - oz, and 1 - oz tins Bantam coffee should be exposed as little as possible to the air; after use tightly close the lid. The tin contains sufficient to make 50 cups of coffee'. Further round the label (see image 2001.291.02) is 'DIRECTIONS For a teacup use two measures (measure supplied) of Bantam Coffee with boiling water and a good proportion of hot milk. Add sugar to taste and stir well. Too much Bantam spoils the flavour. Made only by THE BANTAM PRODUCTIONS LTD LEEDS, 12 ENGLAND'. Top of metal lid has embossed CLOSE TIGHTLY.

Dimensions: Diameter 67 mm - Length50 mm - Width 40 mm


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