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Studio photograph of Colour Sergeant Robert Mackay

Studio photograph of Colour Sergeant Robert Mackay

Date Added: 18 November 2011 Year: 1890 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2011_109_08 | Picture No: 10659

Monchrome photograph of a bearded Sergeant in dress uniform with rifle, This is the fifth of seven photographs thought to be of members of the Bremner family. Photograph has an inscription at the foot 'D Whyte Inverness' with full details on the reverse 'D Whyte, Artist and Photographer at 52 Church Street, Inverness'. [See picture #3484 same photograph but of poor quality, copied from a book. For other military details see group photograph at picture #2543 and for colour of hose see picture #11164]

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This is Colour Sergeant Robert Mackay, Dornoch Company, Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers. He won the prestigious Queen's Prize at Wimbledon in 1883.

Comment left on 03 April 2013 at 20:46 by Gus Mackay Many thanks for the identification. As you say, Robert Mackay was a very good rifleman and we have many of his cups, medals and badges here in the Museum - some of them on display Administrator
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