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Dornoch SWRI Archives 1926 to 2011 - 80th Anniversary 2006

Dornoch SWRI Archives 1926 to 2011 - 80th Anniversary 2006

Date Added: 21 October 2011 Year: 2006 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2011_079_001 | Picture No: 10429

First of a selection of 50 objects from Dornoch Scottish Women's Rural Instuture archives 1926 to 2011 scanned, with the agreement of the Highland Council Inverness Museum, prior to the transfer of the complete boxed set of objects to their archives. Images of 80th anniversay celebrations.

Top photo back to front row and left to right:-
Maureen Brennan; Sylvia Whiteside; Fiona Macdonald; Catriona Wood; Jean Mackenzie; Inge Manson

Annabelle Murray; Moira Rennie; Trish Weekes; Linda Thomas; Brenda Tessell; Betty Smith; Sue Cardus; Isabelle Calderwood

Barbara Beckett; Betty Robertson; Addie Mackenzie; Helen Ewan; Marie Blais; Joyce Macdonald; Rose Matheson; Barbara Reeves; Bridget Mackenzie; Kath Munro

Isabelle Sutherland; Joan Macleod; Scilla Aitcheson; Margaret Spence

front row seated Mary Gall; Maureen Mackay; Cathy Grant; Daisy Grant; Nannie Macdonald; Jessie Bell; Mora Douglas.

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