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Ledger for Evelix Farm, 1881-1904

Ledger for Evelix Farm, 1881-1904

Date Added: 15 March 2011 Year: 1850 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2010_030 | Picture No: 10139

Farm ledger consisting of ruled pages in stiff board covers protected by brown paper. The ledger records lists of items bought and sold over the period 1881- 1904 including cattle, grain and sundry other items including payments to farm workers. The lists are not in chronological order but cattle transactions are separated from goods and from wages, often using out of sequence unused pages or parts of pages, although there are many pages in the middle of the ledger that are completely unused. The pages are loose, being partially separated from the binding. The ledger represents an instructive record of prices and of the names of farmers, crofters etc. during this period.

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